Paleo Diet- A Living Challenge

Healthy living has quickly become top priority in the last  decade or so. With this has come quite a few diets that promise a better value  of living and an easier time getting older. One of these diets is the extremely  popular paleo diet which consists only of lean meat, fish, fruits, veggies and nuts.

However, with all the benefits of the paleo meal plan there comes  many challenges that someone new to the diet struggles with in the beginning. One of the more shocking challenges is dealing with friends,  family, coworkers, etc. that aren’t as supportive as one would hope. Instead of  encouraging the healthy eating style, they point out the limitations and how it  is only a fad that doesn’t actually do anything.

Whenever starting something new, it’s always better to have  the support of loved ones and those closest, but when it feels like there is no  support the motivation to continue drops drastically. Which is why it’s better to associate with people who share similar goals or interests.

Another popular challenge is the struggle to find something  to eat that fits the criteria while being at a restaurant or traveling to  another place. As appealing as it would be to try the exciting new dessert or  the Chef special of the night. It can be discouraging when trying to eat out  with such a strict diet and sometimes restaurants do have alternative menus  that accommodate to such needs.

It can get tiring to have the same salad every time. Which  is why it helps to research restaurants ahead of time to see if there’s any  that specialize in the paleo diet or have special meals that accommodate. There  are a ton of restaurants now that all they’ll serve is paleo based  meals/desserts.

A common criticism of the paleo diet, is how  much it could impact the wallet. All natural foods or alternative healthier  snacks always tend to be a bit more expensive then the store brand options that aren’t as healthy. The grocery bill may become a lot higher than someone new to  the diet is used to.

This is when someone new to the diet needs to become more  creative. Looking up recipes online specific to a cheaper budget is a great way  to work around this challenge. There are also healthier options now in lower
brand name grocery stores.

The craving for sugar and carbohydrates is one the harder  challenges since it is something that doesn’t go away right away. A few days in  it might feel okay but then all of a sudden the cravings will begin and become  too overwhelming. It’s the cravings that end up causing someone to ultimately give up the diet and return to previous eating habits.

Whenever anything is quit cold turkey, such as alcohol or  cigarettes, the cravings are what brings someone right back to the habit. The  only way to overcome them is to keep pushing and not giving in. Instead feed  the craving with healthier options and more productive options.

Like anything new, the eating paleo comes with challenges, but  every challenge has its own creative solution to help someone overcome it  successfully.